Friday, April 13, 2012

800 fan giveway

I've noticed that my fan count has been lingering in the 740s .. its time to up it to 800 :)
I need to use Twitter more... so here is how this lil contest will go

For Twitter people... mention @ErinsCreations you get 1 point
use #ErinsJewelryCreations and get 2 points ( i hope it works)
what you add before and after that is up to you.. be creative ( and respectful )
you can tweet daily if you like ...

For non twitter people ( yes you can play too I
for 1 point, like, or comment  on my recent statuses
for 2 points... share my page and or pics on your business or personal pages.....

and everyone gets 3 points when they refer a new liker ( tag me in a post so I can see it ).... but they must tell me who sent them...
since I don't know everyone with a business page, if you see that someone mentioned your bizz page please like the comment using your personal page... You the person will get the points not your business.

Ok so why the points.... why for the awesome prize silly :) I haven't thought of anything yet( or have I ..hehe ) but it might take a few weeks to get to 800. I am hoping for the end of April :) Wishful

BTW... HAVE FUN!! :) <3

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