GBM Awareness Bracelets

After almost a year of fighting this horrible disease , my wonderful and brave mom passed away on March 16. she went peacefully in the early A.M. 

Rest in Paradise Mom
Always in my thoughts and my heart.
June 5th 1952 - March 16, 2011

these bracelets are still available to raise awareness. 
My mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer in April 2010.She had an operation to remove the tumor but the doctors could only remove 90% of it and found another one behind it, but they could not remove it. Since then she has been going though chemo.. I have been making bracelets to raise money to help her get to her treatment appointments which are 45 minutes away. Please click the link below . the bracelets are only $7 -$10. GBM Awareness Bracelets

Thank you to all those who have bought bracelets 
or donated beads .

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