Friday, July 15, 2011

EJC got a website

I found weebly through a fan. She had her shop there. Looked great.On the bottom of the page it said get your own website for free on weebly. So for the past few weeks I have been uploading pictures and writing descriptions. Today I decided to set my domain. Turns out its cost about $40 for 1 year....
I was pissed. I don't have that much right now. Yeah to you  its just $40, but to me , its a lot at them moment.
I did all that work for nothing..... or did I?  I cant do what I did on weebly on here , but I can certainly link that site to this one :) I heard to buy my domain on blogger its just $10 a year... SOOOOOO much better than $40!
So next time I get $10 that I don't have to buy beads with, I am buying this blog! :)

My weebly shop will be open on AUGUST 1st.
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