Saturday, March 27, 2010

Heres a list of all my handmade SCRUBS.

Hawaiian Sugar & Salt scrub.
--- made with sugar, sea salt, coconut oil and pineapple fragrance oil.

Beach Sand Foot Scrub.
--- beach sand and suntan oil

Oatmeal hand spa
--- oatmeal,lemon juice, olive oil

Over night foot masque
--- almonds, oatmeal, cocoa butter, honey

Oatmeal and almond facial scrub
---oatmeal, almonds, water, vitamin E oil

French Vanilla Scrub
---coffee grounds, sugar, grapeseed oil, vanilla essential oil

Peppermint Foot scrub
--- sea salt, sweet almond oil, peppermint essential oil

Almond oatmeal scrub
--- oatmeal, almonds, cornstarch, chamomile

Sugar and lime Hand scrub
--- sugar, lime zest, lime essential oil , sweet almond oil

Chocolate body scrub
--- cocoa powder, brown sugar, vanilla oil, olive oil

Tropical sugar scrub
--- sugar, orange juice, mango, coconut oil.

Gingerbread sugar scrub
--- brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon,ginger, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, almond oil.

Chocolate silk coffee scrub
--- ground coffee, sugar, grape seed oil, cocoa

Cinnamon Swirl coffee scrub
---coffee grounds, sugar, grape seed oil, cinnamon

Japanese ginger cellulite scrub
--- ginger, sea salt

Breakfast for your Skin
--- brown sugar, oatmeal, honey, grape seed oil

Coconut Cleanser
--- coconut oil, olive oil , glycerin, water

Lemon Salt glow
---sea salt, olive oil, lemon zest

Sugar and spice scrub
--- sugar, brown sugar, olive oil, vanilla extract, oatmeal, nutmeg

Sun spot hand treatment
--- lemon juice, baking soda, powdered buttermilk

Ready fo Spring scrub
-- sugar, glycerin, honey

All Scrubs are made when ordered. most of these scrubs i can add essential or fragrance oils to upon request =)

Scrubs pictured are, ready for spring scrub, gingerbread scrub, breakfast for your skin, oatmeal hand spa, & sugar and spice scrub....

New --- So Twisted Copper Bracelet

ive been a kind of funk lately. havent made any new jewelry pieces. til last night i was stumped. i hope u like it. its made with copper wire and glass beads. fits right over the wrist... its in my Etsy shop click here

Friday, March 12, 2010


I sold a bar of soap last ive done it b4 ... but i have a new etsy shop so its exciting. i wish she would of bought more. i think i am under selling my soaps. i want to be less expensive that everyone else so ppl will buy from me and not them. 
i hope i can make some money soon so i can buy some more soap base. thats is like the most IMPORTANT  ingredient when making 
wishing for many more sales. =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RIP Corey Haim

this man was a great actor that was dealt a bad hand. 

LOS ANGELES – Corey Haim, a 1980s teen heartthrob whose career was blighted by drug abuse, has died. He was 38.

Haim died early Wednesday at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, Los Angeles County coroner's Lt. Cheryl MacWillie said.

"As he got out of bed, he felt a little weak and went down to the floor on his knees," Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said. His mother called paramedics.

An autopsy will determine Haim's cause of death. There was no evidence of foul play, police Sgt. Michael Kammert said.

Haim, who gained attention for his roles in "Lucas" and "The Lost Boys," had flulike symptoms before he died and was getting over-the-counter and prescription medications, police Sgt. William Mann said.

"He could have succumbed to whatever (illness) he had or it could have been drugs," Mann said. "He has had a drug problem in the past."

Haim was taken by ambulance to the hospital from an apartment in Los Angeles near Burbank.

Haim acknowledged his struggle with drug abuse to a British tabloid in 2004.

"I was working on 'Lost Boys' when I smoked my first joint," he told The Sun. "I did cocaine for about a year and a half, then it led to crack."

Haim said he went into rehabilitation and was put on prescription drugs. He took stimulants and sedatives.

"I started on the downers, which were a hell of a lot better than the uppers because I was a nervous wreck," he said.

In 2007, he told ABC's "Nightline" that drugs hurt his career.

"I wasn't functional enough to work for anybody, even myself. I wasn't working," he said.

The Toronto-born actor got his start in television commercials at 10 and developed a good reputation for his work in such films as 1985's "Murphy's Romance" and his portrayal of Liza Minelli's dying son in the 1985 television film "A Time to Live."

His career peaked when he became a heartthrob with his roles in the 1986 movie "Lucas" and "The Lost Boys" in 1987 in which he battled vampires.

In later years, he made a few TV appearances and had several direct-to-video movies. He also had a handful of recent movies that have not yet been released.

In 1997, Haim filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, listing debts for medical expenses and more than $200,000 in state and federal taxes.

His assets included a few thousand dollars in cash, clothing and royalty rights.

In recent years, he appeared in the A&E reality TV show "The Two Coreys" with his friend Corey Feldman. It was canceled in 2008 after two seasons. Feldman later said Haim's drug abuse strained their working and personal relationships.

In a 2007 interview on CNN's "Larry King Live," Haim called himself "a chronic relapser for the rest of my life."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My nephew Nick

My oldest nephew turned 16 on sunday. wow.  16 already. i can still remember telling him as a baby , "if u love aunty , dont pee on me"  when ever i changed not once did he ever pee one my brother thought that my nephew was great birth control for each time i baby sat Nick i wanted a baby of my own even more. ( but no kids yet for me ) i was only 14 when Nick was born.  hes a great kid. i still cant get over that hes 16.... he can legally drive watch out Rhode Island...LOL 

I'm still new at blogging

I was never able to keep up with a diary when i was younger and blogging is the same thing , just about.  i'll post anything that comes to mind. i have a few things coming up...... 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vanilla & Rosemary Soap

i loved making this soap. Its made with vanilla sugar soap and rosemary. this is the first time i used the stove to make soap. i just added water to a small pan , let it come to a boil , added the rosemary...... after a few minutes, i drained the rosemary out and added the soap to the water.... let that boil and poured it in the mold. and it smells sooooo good!!! cant forget that. 
its avaiable at
other molds are avaible as well...... if u have any questions or comments , email me.

I am proud to announce.......

...........the reopening of my Etsy shop. i forgot i had an active one. I renamed it Handmade Soaps or BUST!!! I am mostly selling my Bath and Body products that i make.  i love doing it. i make scrubs, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, massage oils, lip balms, bubble bath, bath jelly,  items for    dog, woman , man and child. everything is   made when ordered. all products are made    with natural ingredients, no chemicals.                                               

 dont mind the name. as i said its an old 
account i forgot about.(but i do make candy) 

                     to the left and right are just a FEW items  make. 
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