Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gemstone Bracelets

 I have a bead container of gemstones friends have given me... I made a bunch of GBM Awareness bracelets using most of the gemstones.... 

here are a few non awareness bracelets 
These stones are Mookaite- they are from Mooka Creek in Australia.
The name mookaite comes from the Aboriginese word, mooka, meaning "running waters." What we don't know is whether the Aboriginese named the Mooka Creek first or the stone found in its running waters. 
Mookaite is a rare multi-colored gemstone, occurring naturally in the Mooka Creek. More than 600 miles north of the city of Perth and 100 miles inland from Carnarvon, a town on the coast of Western Australia, lay mookaite deposits under the creek. 


These gemstones are Labradorite. 

Labradorite is a power stone.
It is believed that Labradorite gem stone brings joy and kindness and provide variety and good fortune. It energizes and provide a balanced mental plane and also heals infections. It is said to raise level of consciousness and act as a barrier against all negative energies. 

Labradorite earrings on sterling silver ear hooks.

Notice the specs of blue. These stones are gorgeous in the sunlight. 
Labradorite, carries unique characteristic, turns sea blue, gold and green in bright light from grey or dark green color if viewed in dim light.

Labradorite was first found in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. It is also found in Norway, and the former USSR. There is a blue semi-transparent variety called spectrolite that is only found in Finland.

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