Friday, March 2, 2012

New Feature Coming Soon...

I have made so much jewelry in the past few years that hasn't sold that I thought about re vamping it . I guess I am the only one who likes the jewelry I make..:( although some pieces I can't believe I actually put up for sale. They are just so
The other day I had this amazing idea! lol Instead of just taking the jewelry apart and re using the beads to make something else, I thought I would redesign the pieces I like so other people will like ( and buy ) them... that is the reason why I became a jewelry designer :)  

First up is this bracelet....
 This is before.. after will be coming soon !

Any ideas on what i should do to it? 


  1. Hi Erin. I like it the way it is. You might try simply adding a strand of chain and a dangle. Are you ready for tomorrow? I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

    1. Hi Jean... I love it the way it is. I was thinking about adding some chain...

      I am so glad bead soup day is here!! i was so anxious to see what everyone made :)

  2. I should add that I have many pieces that are in the same situation. Some are just so bad I can't believe I ever thought they looked good, but others, I don't know...they don't sell but I think they are great. Maybe some pieces just take longer than others.....who knows. I know I have sold pieces that I didn't think would ever sell and they sold right away. Other pieces that I think are great just sit in the shop. I don't think there is any one way to do this. Just keep it out there and will sell. And, I am not sure price has all that much to do with it either. If you price things too cheap, people won't buy and if its too high, people won't buy. Finding what works for you is the key.


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