Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not so Easy Fan Freebie ( 550 fan giveaway)

First off I just want tot thank all my fans.. active and not active ( we have fun , you should join in).  I appreciate all of you for sticking around. I am trying to be consistent with making and posting new items and giveaways. Someday I will add ALLLL the jewelry I have made to my Artfire shop. As soon as the items in my Etsy shop expire I will be making that shop for custom orders and the Tree of Life pendents and the Peruvian String Art jewelry.

Now on to the fun! :)
its going to be a lil treasure hunt ..  hehe
( all answers can be found on my blog or stated other wise )

Ends Tuesday 5/31

email me at
please DO NOT comment on this blog or on my fan page.

Question 1--- its an easy one--- How many places can you find me ? ( hint- look on the right side of my blog)

Question 2--- In the blog Once upon a time ,  what did I match up?

Question 3 ---Who were the GBM Awareness Bracelets made to help?
* (Bonus question... what is GBM?)

Question 4--- how many pictures are in my slide show?

Question 5--- In the blog  Gemstone Bracelets ,  what color are the Mookaite gemstones?
* ( bonus question... where are they from? )

Question 6--- name one of my favorite pages ( the list is on the left side bar)

Question 7--- What 3 business do I have?
A. Jewelry, soaps, crochet
B. Candles, jewelry, scrapbooking
C. Jewelry,candy, soaps

Question 8---  newest item from Erin's Jewelry Creations...
a. Tree of Life Pendents
b. Barefoot sandals
c. String art earrings

Question 9--- What month am I mayor of the Sampler Village?

Questions 10 --- P is for  ?

Bonus Qs

1. Where do I live ? ( state , city or both)
2. what is my favorite color?
3. how long have I been making jewelry?

Is there any suggestions on what I should make? I love fan participation =)

The person with the most right will get 2 items of choice =)

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