Saturday, February 26, 2011

This May...

This May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month.  Since my step dad put my mom in a hospice house for better care, all money I raise will still go to her but it will be for clothes, or something cute for her room.  I dont want her to feel forgotten, ( my older brother and I live In Rhode Island , my mom lives in Florida and my step dad is a truck driver and had to go back to work so bills , rent, etc could be paid)   so I want to send her something each week.  

I want to have an auction thru the month of May and buy her some clothes or send her flowers for her birthday on June 5th.  she'll be 59 years young! tho she wont admit 

So if you would like to donate something , please contact me.  I want to have everything set up by the last week of April.

Thank you in advance :)

( To my Hive friends who read my Hive blog about me going to florida to see my mom over the weekend... the trip was canceled... me nor my brother have a car so one of his friends said he would drive us down... well he bailed.  - Planning to see my mom this summer- hoping to stay a few weeks which is a lot longer than if my brother and i went this weekend. it was gonna be a weekend trip) 

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