Friday, February 18, 2011

Feature Me Friday - Queenstown Candle Creations

Todays Featured Artist is Kirsty Yates / Queenstown Candle Creations


About the Artist 
I have been lucky enough to sample one of Kirsty's yummy smelling candles. I won one last year. Only took 2 months to ship from Australia to the U.S. It was so worth the wait.Part of my living room smells like the candle- Chocolate Mint. Apart from  making candles Kirsty also works as a public servant and is a volunteer ambulance officer, as well as being on other community committees. So unfortunately she doesn't  get to dedicate as much time to Queenstown Candle Creations as she would like to.

4 oz travel tins
French Vanilla, Cocont Lime, Hazelnut Cappuccino. 

tarts - Strawberry, Ice Lemon Biscotti, Melon Slices, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Candy Cane,
Lavender , Vanilla.

Q & A's 

1. Why do you make candles?
I started making candles just for myself but have always wanted to be my own boss so i thought that i'd try to make a business out of it and i haven't looked back since.

2.Do you have a favorite scent?
This is a hard one! I love blueberry cobbler, but iced lemon biscotti is yummy, lemon zest is nice too.... nope can't decide. 

 Is candle making hard or easy? 

It isn't really hard once you get the basics worked out. It's a matter of knowing how the waxes work. Soy wax is probably the hardest to work with and the most temperamental.

4. What else do u make , if anything?
We make soaps as well. Goats milk has proved very popular.

Heart Soap with Face washer 

 Goats milk with lavender buds

5. Plans for the future?
 I'm looking at expanding the business. I am currently having a new website built that is very close to being launched, and i would also like to begin doing candle parties later in the year.

Words of Wisdom
My tip for anyone who wants to get into business is just go for it. take a chance because you never know, it might just work out :)

Where to find Queenstown Candle Creations
Website - new

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