Wednesday, September 15, 2010

E is for

Erin's Jewelry Creations :)

Hey thats me ! 

for this blog , i thought i would tell you all about myself  and my lil business. 
I am 30 years old. youngest of 3. I have 2 older brothers.. by older i mean 37 and 40 in November. i have 2 teenage nephews. no kids of my own, yet. I was born and raise in Attleboro , MA. live in Florida for a few years. my mom is still down there... shes going on 11 years there. I have a wonderful boyfriend who supports my creativeness, i wish his wallet did he's a gamer, i'm a crafter.... i think we are a good match...LOL :)
    I've been making and selling jewelry for about 4.5 years. when i was a little girl i made this  necklace with a shell and 2 purple beads on each end which was strung on to a gold chain my mom gave me... i still have that necklace. when i was a teenager i made lanyard bracelets just for fun. learned how to to do that one summer at the small park /zoo near my home. a lady was teaching crafts every tuesday in the  summer for the kids. i think it was just me and my younger cousin for that lesson. 
I once made friendship bracelets for a company. then i got into making hemp necklaces. 
     when i was 26, i was browsing through profiles on myspace and noticed a jewelry page. this woman had amazing pieces. after finding out that the bracelet i saw and wanted was $30 i decided to try and make one myself. so i bough a basic how to booklet and the materials i would need. the bracelet i made wasn't exact since i didnt know where shes got the beads. the one i made come out just as nice and cost less the $30 in supplies. it was more like $15( gotta love Walmart, lol ) 
    I had so much fun making that bracelet i decide to try earrings. then i was buying $100 worth of beads, etc, in one visit to Walmart (less expensive). and the rest is history. :) 

E is also for EARRINGS!!! click here  to see all the earrings .

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