Thursday, December 2, 2010

Online Jewelry Party

also called E-parties. 

First pick a date. your party can last for one evening or 2 weeks.( or one week)   As a hostess you will earn some sweet incentives, like for every $25 each guest spends you get a piece of jewelry of your choice for free, 5 coupons for 25% off to be used at the  Erin's Jewelry Creations after Christmas sale. you can use them for each piece you purchase. you will also recieve free shipping on any order you make til the end of the year. AND a custom made bracelet and matching earrings. 

For the duration of the party your guests can come and go as they please( in their pjs if they want)  with no pressure to buy. 

gift wrapping is available , also I will be taking custom orders.  for added fun, you, as the hostess ,  can make up a little quiz for the guests to see how well they know u....( i believe you can make one here on facebook) .  the guests with the most right get a free pair of earrings and the hostess gets a free bracelet if 3 or more people get all of your questions right. dont make them too easy... make the guest earn those 

what am i missing....? oh! the invitation. if you post the announcement to your page make sure it includes the DATE, TIME DURATION, MY WEBSITE URL ( no account needed :) , INCENTIVES FOR PURCHASES -- guests recieve free shipping on orders over $50, they will be entered into a special drawing for a custom made piece of jewelry and discounts on their next order(s)... like
1) free shipping,
2) 3 coupons for 10%off any 1 item,
3) 1 coupon for 25% entire order ( of more than 3 items),
4) 50% off entire order at the Erin's Jewelry Creations after Christmas Sale,
5) a 20% off coupon for a friend . If they mention the friend who they recieved it from they also get free shipping on their order.
If you would like me to write this up for you so you can just copy and paste it to your page, let me know :) (or set up an Event invitation) 

At check out, the guest must mention the hosteses's name in the "note to seller' box so the hostess can get her incentives.   

I think that's it. 

for more info or if you want to be a hostess,  email me at 

~~ Erin ~~

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