Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Handmade Soaps or BUST!!

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     I've been making soaps for about 3.5 years. I started making scrubs, hair products , bubble baths, etc a few months later. I love making soap. I use the M&P method. ( melt & pour)  Too many supplies to make cold processed soaps & I'm impatient. lol So waiting 2 + weeks to see how my soaps came out is too much.
     The scrubs are fun to make as well. they look a bit gross, especially with the oatmeal but they smell and feel great. 
       I haven't sold many scrubs. my soaps are pretty popular. My friend Tina loves the Vanilla/Sandalwood soaps I make her ( and the So Soft Hair Goo conditioner - made with coconut oil ).

here are some of my new blends for soaps


Blackberry Icing
Raspberry Grapefruit
Tango Mango
Melon Colada
Grapefruit Daquiri
Toasted Coconut Cream
Grapefruit Creamsicle
Blackberry Creme
Creamy Coconut
Mango Frappe
Island Punch

All scents are here .

here is a list of products i make. all the links take you to Facebook.  etsy link is above.^^^

Lip Balms, Massage Oils, Glow Mask 

Handmade Soaps 
For the Tub 
Hair Products 
Embossed Soaps 

Here is a list of all the scrubs I can make

I also post full bath and body recipes under my notes tab on my fan page. 
here is Monkey Banana Facial 

 All orders come with a free recipe. the ingredients come right out of your kitchen or local grocery store =)

if you have any questions, comment below or email me  ... 

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