Tuesday, April 13, 2010

being 30

well being 30 so far isn't all that great. i did nothing on the 9th ( my bday). on the morning of my dinner with friends and my boyfriend, my step dad call me and says that my mom is back in the hospital because they found a tumor in her brain. my mom means a lot to me. so after crying for about 20 minutes , i called her at the hospital. shes doing ok. shes in the top rated hospitals in Florida. so that eases my mind a little since i'm in Massachusetts. shes going to have surgery on Thursday so the doctor can find out what kind of tumor it is. i am so scared. i'm trying to stay strong for her but i worry. i cant lose my mom.
i tried to have fun at dinner but all i could think of was my mom. so i had to fake fun. my friends didn't even know about my mom. i didn't want them to feel down. but the meal was good. Olive Garden is always good. we received free deserts from the manager because we had to wait a little longer for our meal, and i got a free piece of cheese cake since it was my birthday.... no clapping birthday song..YAY. they cant do that anymore. i am so glad i chose the olive garden.....lol

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