Sunday, April 1, 2012


Say that 5 times fast :)
Its the 1st of April .. REVEAL DAY.  This all started in the mind of one woman...Kerry Lee Sereika . It was formed so the left overs from Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party could do a jewelry challenge as well. I did both :) I love jewelry challenges. My partner is Kelli Jacobson.

This is what i sent her...

Here is what she sent me..... 
My CCC Contribution to my Partner - Full
( both pictures taken by Kelli since I forgot to take a picture of them)

I dove in to these the day I received them.....

Check out what she made at 

Check out everyone else :) 
Erin Grant <<< you are here
Cheryl Foiles
Stephanie Woods
Lisa Lodge


  1. Beautiful necklace. I have been working a lot with oranges this week and it is such a happy color. I love the three strands on one side and the single strand on the other. Beautiful job.

  2. Oh wow - I love those colors! So cheery for Spring. I also like the asymmetrical design. Excellent job! - Lisa Lodge

  3. OMG! I just cried! I very slowly scrolled down, adding suspense to the reveal, and I just got chills when I saw the necklace you made!!! What you did with the beads I sent you is just gorgeous!!! Wow! I couldn't have done such a wonderful job as what you did with those! I'm just in awe!!! Thank you for bringing such life to those beads in such a fantastic creation!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! I'm so touched! =)

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  5. Very clever use of the three-to-one connector! Awesome!

  6. I love the colors, and how you used the connector. Totally fun!

  7. Love the colours in your jewellery pieces Erin - well done with the chain links too - very cool!

  8. such a fun colour combo you got to work with.. very nice indeed!

  9. Great spring colours! Reallly pretyy focal... would love to see it on you !

  10. Great colors and pretty necklace!


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